A passion for cooking deserves an outstanding cooker, with a harmonious blend of practicality and style. Inspired by the cookers used by the world’s greatest chefs, Smeg offers genuine design icons where style and elegance go hand in hand with high performance, user-friendliness and minimal consumption. From 60cm models for people with limited available space to 150cm models with a double oven, Smeg cookers are guaranteed to fit into any kitchen setting. Available in stainless steel and glass, and incoloured or white versions for people after a more classic look, the cookers vary in terms of oven and hob type. Smeg electric or gas ovens feature design innovations that improve functionality and performance, such as the telescopic shelf guides which allow you to put food in the oven and take it out again without having to put your hand in, and the Ever Clean enamel finish, a special pyrolytic and antacid lining which makes removing dirt and grease from the cavity walls easy. Smeg hobs, on the other hand, are sizeable and rationally designed, offering various flame options to help achieve maximum energy efficiency and high performance. The 4 kW ultra-rapid burner is a case in point.
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Gas Cooker4 Burners


Gas Cooker Half Safety5 Burners


Gas Cooker5 Burners


Gas Cooker &Electric Gril 5 Burners


Gas Cookerheavy Iron 5 Burners


Gas Cooker6 Burners


Gas Cooker & Electric oven5 Burners


Gas Cooker & 2 Electric oven7 Burners


60CM “Colonial” Cooker with Multifunction Oven & Gas Hob, Anthracite Energy Rating A

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